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Spl-Lab Race Meter

Spl-Lab Race Meter

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Race Meter – A new device for measuring the performance of a car or a motorcycle. The device is an equivalent of RaceLogic though not inferior to it in accuracy and ease of operation. The device is easy-to-use and it does not require additional equipment. For measuring acceleration, simply connect the device to the cigarette lighter of a car. The device should be attached to the windshield of a car using suction cups, which allows taking measurements while you are driving. Apart from GPS/GLONASS receiver, Race Meter has an acceleration sensor, which allows logging acceleration data. The device has a micro-SD slot for logging your laps in universal data formats VBO, NMEA and TXT. Logged data can be uploaded for analysis into popular programs such as RaceLogic PerformanceBox, VBOX Power Suite, Circuit Tools, Harry's LapTimer, Google Earth, etc. Telemetry can also be transmitted to a PC via USB port in real time. The device can be connected as a card-reader for easy transfer of data to a PC, tablet or smartphone. Race Meter is, probably, the most compact acceleration meter on the market.

Software characteristics

  • SPD mode for measuring acceleration or deceleration time between specified speed values. Time and distance travelled are being displayed.
  • DST mode for measuring time required for covering the specified distance (1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 mile). Time and output speed are being displayed.
  • LP mode for measuring lap time. Time and maximum speed are being displayed.
  • USB mode for transmitting the logged data from SD card to a PC, tablet or smartphone.


The car acceleration meter, Race Meter, uses a mobile enclosure that has a red three-segment display, 3 control buttons and Mini-USB slot for the power supply and updating the internal software. The device should be attached to the windshield of a car using the two suction cups at the back of the device. It does not require any additional equipment.


  • Preparing and holding motorsport competitions
  • Taking controlled measurements when tuning vehicles
  • Logging measurement results of each mode in text format
  • Saving telemetry in VBO and NMEA format
  • Can be used as external GPS/GLONASS receiver with an option of saving the route data
  • Measuring speed to a high precision in real time
  • Measuring acceleration time; indicating the distance covered
  • Measuring deceleration time; indicating the distance covered
  • Measuring time required for covering the specified distance; indicating output speed
  • Measuring lap time; indicating maximum speed

Package Contents

  • Race Meter device
  • USB-cable for power and connecting the device to a PC
  • micro-SD card (optional)
  • USB adapter for cigarette lighter (optional)