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Ground Zero GZDM 1900ML-GOLD

Ground Zero GZDM 1900ML-GOLD

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Polymer based butyl rubber and polyurethane foam
10 листа с размери  37,5 x 50cm и дебелина 2.2mm
1.875 м2

Polymer based on butyl rubber, supplemented with anti corrosive additives to ensure that the treated surface does not rust.
Very flexible and waterproof material adheres to uneven surfaces tightly and provides high vibration damping results.

 Technical Specification: 
 -4.2 mm high quality multilayer polymer damping material
 -Size per sheet 375 x 500 mm / 14.76 x 19.69″          
 -10 sheets
 -Self adhesive
 -Multi compontent material
 -Polymer based butyl rubber and polyurethane foam
 -Aluminum surface
 -Application on body parts, doors and panels
Very high mechanical loss factor
 -Full color shop package