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Ground Zero GZDM 1900MC-GOLD

Ground Zero GZDM 1900MC-GOLD

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Bitumen saturated damping material based on viscous elastic polyurethane foam for soundproofing in
combination with a layer of polymer based butyl rubber and aluminum foil outer surface. High efficient soundproofing and vibration damping with easy handling and mounting. For usage on doors, plastic panels and the roof panel inside the passenger compartment.

Technical Specification
Noise absorption -85%
Total Thickness 7 mm / 0.28"

Thickness of butyl layer 2 mm / 0.08”
Thickness of foam 5 mm / 0.2”
Operating temperature range -40°C - +95°C
Water absorption <18%
Package content 10 sheets
Size per sheet 375 mm x 500 mm